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Trips Not Toasters

The New York Times' description of Honeymoon Wishes, a registry platform funded by Mindgruve Ventures, was aptly "Trips Not Toasters: Wedding Registries for Travel Lovers." Using Twig (a templating language for PHP), and SCSS, I crafted registry templates that included features such as RSVPs, a shareable itinerary, photo album, and blog posts.

Honeymoon wishes full page
Honeymoon Wishes full page screenshot.

Honeymoon registry platform with wide range of pre-made customizable templates and themes.

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Honeymoon Wishes

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Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Honeymoon Fund

If your heart is set on an epic honeymoon and you don't want to drain your savings to get there, a honeymoon fund-which couples can create to help pay for all aspects of their trip using a honeymoon registry website-is a wise idea.

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Trips Not Toasters: Wedding Registries for Travel Lovers

These days travel lovers can forgo table linens and steak knives and register instead for flights, hotels and far-flung experiences from brands including United Airlines, Hyatt and Carnival Cruise Lines.