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Verizon Labs Big Data and AI Platform

In 2014, Verizon chose Palo Alto as the major location for their analytics team and research labs. Under the leadership of Chief Data Scientist Ashok Srivastava, Verizon Labs used large-scale machine learning to improve Verizon's systems and construct products for areas such as education, healthcare and the Internet of Things.

The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (BDAI) team's success paved the way for a variety of prototypes and the need for more front-end engineers. I joined Verizon Labs in 2016 and we became a team of 10. During my first month, I developed the initial front-end for a prototype that ultimately became our most successful product, one we called Palomar. A year later, I was the principal front-end asset on a team tasked with implementing customizations to Palomar for a 47-million dollar deal with América Móvil.

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Palomar Platform Capabilities

  • Enterprise specific data and algorithm pipelines with batch and streaming services
  • Powerful suite of APls to build custom solutions
  • Rich geo-spatial, temporal and comparative visualizations
  • Enterprise grade Al and ML at scale for advertising, marketing, loT and other markets
  • Multi-tenancy and high availability
  • Prebuilt ad network integration

Palomar enables customers to:

  1. Get actionable insights into customers with data-driven analytics.
  2. Uncover hidden opportunities with automated analysis and segmentation.
  3. Develop strategies based on real-time customer behavior and trends.
  4. Make informed decisions to improve customer engagement and experience.
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Verizon transferred my group to the Yahoo! campus after acquisition. We moved to what was left of the Yahoo! campus. (I still remember an entire floor of chairs, a seemingly accidental historical collection of items from every stage of the company's history.) In 2019, Verizon decided they didn't like the name their marketers had chosen, and rebranded Oath to Verizon Media.

Interactive, customizable vector maps

Front-end best practices

Jasmine automated testing

React and Redux

Decoupled web architecture

Big data analytics platform for ad segment generation with $47M in revenue.

Senior Product Engineer
C. Ming Yang
C. Ming Yang
Senior Project Manager

Audrey is a key member of the AMX Front End team. She's not only knowledgeable but also responsive in completing her tasks and bugs timely. She also took the initiative and introduced ESLint to the team to improve code quality. Most important of all, Audrey understands the criticality of her role and deliverables to the bigger picture of the total project deployment.

C. Ming Yang
Falak Dave
Technical Manager, Software Development

Audrey is a key member of Front End engineering team and she is leading efforts in Front end development for AMX product. Audrey takes initiatives in learning new technologies, improving code base and also sharing it with other front end team members whenever she gets chance. She promotes learning culture in the team. She is enthusiastic, passionate about her work and delivers her work on time.

Falak Dave
Dinesh Masand
Dinesh Masand
Sr. Technical Manager, Software Development for Big Data Analytics

Audrey was quickly pulled into the Palomar project activities and was expected to contribute to the project very quickly. She picked up the platform in a few days and started contributing almost immediately. She even worked hard during weeknights and weekends to complete some urgent tasks without being told to do so. She was performing while learning and I forgot that she had only been here for less than 2 months.

Dinesh Masand

Verizon Labs

In the News

In the news

How Verizon Is Building A Big Data And AI Culture

Led by Ashok Srivastava, Verizon’s Chief Data Scientist, the Palo Alto-based lab employs large-scale machine learning both to improve Verizon’s infrastructure and to develop products in such areas as education, healthcare and the Internet of Things.

In the news

Palo Alto Selected as Primary Site for Verizon Data Analytics Team, Lab and Research Center

Capitalizing on the specialized big data analytics talent in Silicon Valley, Verizon has selected Palo Alto as the primary site for its newly created data analytics team and labs.


Driving Digital Transformation through Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Learn how Verizon’s big data and AI platform is embracing digital transformation, and how it delivers actionable insights, predictions, and trends to its digital consumers.


Realtime Analytical Query Processing and Predictive Model Building

The technology behind Verizon's data analytics application. Key takeaways from the talk will be a thorough understanding of how to make Lucene powered time aware search a first class citizen in Spark to build interactive analytical query processing and time series prediction algorithms.

In the news

AMX Contenido (AMCO) and Verizon Media sign multi-year strategic partnership

Verizon Media and AMCO - a wholly-owned subsidiary of América Móvil - announced today a new strategic partnership for AMCO to become the exclusive reseller in Mexico of certain of its advertising products.

Invited Talk

Large-Scale Machine Learning at Verizon: Theory and Applications

This talk will cover recent innovations in large-scale machine learning and their applications on massive, real-world data sets at Verizon. These applications power new revenue generating products and services for the company and are hosted on a massive computing and storage platform known as Orion.